Food Freedom Workshop Series

The 6 Week Food Freedom Workshop Series is for the woman who is ready to change her relationship with food and her body. It's for the woman who is done with dieting and wants to quit turning to external fixes. It's for the woman who understands that the struggle with binge eating goes so much deeper than the food. It's for the woman who is ready to step into the work to finally uncover what's underneath the food.

I'm sure by now you understand that quick fixes don't work. You may have thought that you just needed more willpower, which is definitely not the case. You've probably read all the books, listened to all the podcasts and scoured the internet, but still find yourself stuck. Integration is a big piece of the work I do. Just because we know something logically doesn't mean it will create change. We need to integrate it into the body so that we embody it. This is why we need to come back home to the body. So many of us are completely disconnected from the body and don't even know it, until we start doing this work.  

Everything you'll be learning in this workshop series will create transformation when integrated and embodied. 

This is why I chose 6 weeks instead of a one day workshop. This will allow for time in-between each sessions to integrate the concepts. This workshop series is a kickstart to the work required to unravel all that has led to you using food to numb, as healing our relationship with food and our body requires deep, inner work. No more quick fixes, remember!  

This workshop series is by application and invitation only as it’s important to me that the women who attend are in alignment and are at a place where they are truly ready to do the work. I value connection and intimacy, so I will be keeping the group on the small side as I want there to be enough room for each woman to share and receive coaching. 

Let yourself feel into it. Is this the next step for you?

I know what it's like to struggle with food and the relationship you have to your body.

I spent over a decade fighting both. At a very young age I quickly learned that my worth was tied to my body. Society tells us that thin is good and fat is bad. I developed anorexia as a coping mechanism and way to find some form of control in my life. That false sense of control spiraled when I started to struggle with binge eating.  

For years I focused on trying to have more willpower, trying different diets and ways of eating. I went down the road of holistic nutrition and became certified as a Holistic Nutritionist. Although I learned a lot about health and my body, it still didn’t stop the binge eating. I still hadn’t gotten to the root of why I turned to food compulsively and couldn’t just eat for health, hunger and pleasure. 

Things got pretty dark at one point as I fell into a depression, isolated myself and stopped caring about the things I used to enjoy. I constantly felt like I was broken and that something was so deeply wrong with me. I avoided dating for the most part and couldn’t build deep relationships with friends. I didn’t know who I was. 

I had no voice on any topic, other than food and exercise, and my voice was rigid in those areas. I suppressed my expression with masks like the people pleaser, perfectionist and shy girl. I stopped playing and became very serious. 

I morphed myself into who I thought others would like and at the same time, who I thought wouldn’t get noticed. Who I thought could hide in the back and stay small. Maybe you can relate? The pain of living inauthentically was enough to use food to numb and temporarily shift my state. Food felt safer. I used exercise as punishment, training for marathons, triathlons and crossfit.  

My health suffered because of the constant physical stress, as well as the emotional and psychological stress my mind caused me. I hit my rock bottom one night and this was the turning point where I became a seeker. I embarked on the journey to heal my relationship with food and my body. Along the way I started to discover what was underneath the food.  

I stopped believing everything my mind told me and got curious about the core beliefs that created the thoughts that ran in the background. I started to come back home to my body and feel again. I discovered a power inside me that I didn’t know was there.  

I met a child that resides in me who felt abandoned and unloved. I met a woman who desired depth in relationship and so much more. I know the pain of the struggle and I also know the possibility on the other side. It lights my soul on fire to guide other women through this process of peeling back the layers and healing their relationship with food and their body. 

What topics are covered in the 6 Week Food Freedom Workshop Series?

Week 1: Understanding Presence

Presence is a hot topic these days, but truly embodying it and understanding what we're being present to, changes everything.

Week 2: Changing Our Stories

We all have stories and understanding what they are helps us see how they lead to our current behaviors. We can then rewrite them to support what we do want.

Week 3: Finding The Wisdom Within

How do we acutally listen to our body and intutition? There's a process and an understanding I will guide you through.

Week 4: Self-Trust And Facing Resistance

Learning to trust ourselves again is key in listening to our body. Resistance is a part of the process so I'll teach you how to work with it.

Week 5: Body Acceptance

We can't build a connection with anything that we hate or avoid. Learn how to find acceptance, so that you can discover other reasons to love your body.

Week 6: Meeting The Inner Child

When we're unaware of this part of ourselves, her fears and beliefs run the show in the background often leading to self-sabotage.


What: 6 Week Food Freedom Workshop Series

When: 7:30pm to 9:30pm

  • Week 1: Thursday November 22/18 
  • Week 2: Thursday November 29/18 
  • Week 3: Friday December 7/18
  • Week 4: Thursday December 13/18
  • Week 5: Thursday December 20/18 
  • Week 6: Thursday January 2/19

Where: The Health Collective, 6537 111 Street, Edmonton AB, T6H 4R5

Investment: $375.00 paid in full

For extra support I will be including a private Facebook Group!

If you have questions that come up in between sessions, this is the place to post them. The benefit of the group setting is that you get to learn from others shares, questions and experiences. One thing I know, is that struggling with food and body can feel isolating and lonely. There's so much shame involved, so having the support of a group of women going through the same thing is invaluable! There's so much potential for deep connections and finally being seen, heard and understood. 

There's a short application form to complete. You will also be sent an email to book a 30 minute discovery call with me. Please make sure you check your email to book the call, or your application will not be complete.

So... are you in?

More About Richelle 

I currently live in Edmonton Alberta with my partner and our fur babies, Jewel (Blue Heeler Border Collie cross dog) and Acorn (creamy tabby cat). I currently do contract work for one of my mentors at Hungry For Happiness by running one of their 6 month group coaching programs to help women stop binge eating, as well as mentoring in their 10 month coaching certification. I also see client's one-on-one in my own business and now I'm expanding to in person workshops! 

As mentioned above I became a certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2013. After delving into functional medicine for a bit it became clear that the reason myself and the women I wanted to help, struggled with health and hormonal issues in the first place because of the emotional aspect. I took a training in the Cognitive Approach For Problematic Eating in 2016 and then took my 200HR Yoga Teacher Training through Empowered Yoga in January 2017. Finally in June of 2017 I took the leap with Hungry For Happiness and began their coaching certification, which truly changed my life and is the basis for the work I do today. Most of all, I am another woman on this journey doing the work too. I am no guru or expert, and I'm definitely not above you. I'm just a few steps ahead of you, which allows me to be of service and help you. I know this is my purpose and I don't take it lightly. 


When I started working with Richelle I was feeling completely defeated with trying to heal my relationship with food & my body.  

Suffering through years of disordered eating & just recently becoming a diet culture drop out my anxiety was at an all-time high & ability to cope with the fall out of trying to navigate NOT dieting & binging was completely overwhelming me.  

I felt I had done it ALL. READ ALL the self-help, did so many programs, therapy, listened to all the podcasts, and I KNEW all the facts, information & resources. The missing piece for me was INTEGRATION. I realize now my frustration & defeated feelings were coming from “spiritually bypassing” – I was consuming information & never actually integrating it into my body.  

I wanted to work with Richelle because she explained to me the difference between working with other professionals I had in the past & with a Coach, she said “Coaching is more progressive in my experience in that we dig a little bit into the past for context but it’s more about moving forward ….it’s much more about embodiment rather than just the cognitive stuff…”  

That was exactly what I needed. The integration piece. Embodiment.  

Working with Richelle has been so incredible. I’m so grateful for our calls each week. She asks such amazing questions & helps reframe things in a way that redirects you to the root & allows you to really uncover things on your own, a lot of the time it’s a surprise to me too!  

She’s so intuitive, compassionate but also really clear. I love that she has also been through all of this herself & totally GETS it. She’s in the trenches too doing her own work & it gives me hope as to the freedom I can also come to have in the future.  

This has shifted SO much for me in such a short time. I’m completely amazed. It’s like night & day. I no longer feel defeated, I feel empowered & more connected to my body & my intuition than I ever have. I’m reconnecting to myself in a way that I never knew was possible.  

I am able to access a feeling of safety in my body that has always been missing for me. I have so many tools & resources to help me access my highest self – the self-awareness I have now is really such a gift. That ability to take a step back, take yourself off autopilot & make decisions from a place of real clarity & connection – from your truth – it’s priceless.  

One of the biggest things I’ve gained, that I didn’t even really expect or realize I really needed, is compassion & acceptance. For myself & for others. It’s completely changed everything.  

I have been recommending Richelle to anyone who will listen to me! I honestly think EVERYONE should have access to this work & Richelle is SO amazing at what she does. I honestly feel like working with her is the best decision I’ve ever made for myself & my well being.  

I can’t express my gratitude enough. I know this is just the beginning & I can’t wait to continue to SHIFT.” 🙌🙏❤️  

~Rayna Graham